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ITICA is the leading culinary Institute for both Online and Offline learning platform where anyone can learn the best cooking to become a master in the culinary world. With ITICA, you will get the chance to learn Culinary Related anything, anytime & anywhere and wherever you are and you are going to shine up no matter what you do. We keep in mind to protect your data that we collect, share, and utilize because your privacy is our first priority.

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About Privacy Policy

Visitors, users, participants, learners and students of ITICA are displayed as “User”. Who wants to become an online teacher is referred as “Instructor” or, “Teacher”. By visiting and subscribing our website you are agreeing to the information collecting, handling and protecting procedures of ITICA Privacy and Policy.

Morals of Our Privacy & Policy

  • We are deeply committed to the following morals of our Privacy & Policy.
  • We are keeping the privacy of our respected users like instructors, learners, visitors, etc. Just as we maintain our own.
  • Our motto is transforming your life in every way and we are collecting your information to better serve our aim.
  • Your details and information are protected very honestly.
  • You are given full access of creating, editing, updating your information on your own.
  • We are dedicated from the bottom of our heart to create, maintain & deliver safe and sound learning platform for learners.
  • We are very sincere and truthful about the fact to not sell or share your personal details with anyone else beside ITICA’s proper authority.

Personal Information

What personal information do we collect?

We collect information from the people, users, instructors, etc. who visit and use our site, website or app, blog, services and products.

  • Our privacy policy has been assembled to supply better information security to our valued users, clients, buyers with ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII) which is being used online. PII is the information that that we collect to identify, contact, or locate a single person and their details as described in privacy law and information security. You are requested to read our privacy and policy page with concentration to have a best perceptive of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your PII in accordance to the policy of our website.
  • After creating or updating your account, we gather and store your account data like name, email, number, photo and others in our archive safely.
  • We have course enrollment fees to pay through our payment system, for that we will keep your payment details like- bank/ credit card/ Mastercard information, billing address etc while keeping your data confidential, In case of Instructors, they also have to link Mastercard/ Bank details which will also be kept safe & secure and will not be controlled by ITICA.
  • We will also keep information regarding your course updates like, post, question-answers, comments, your assignment works, feedback to improve our course infrastructure.
  • We also collect and store information about your problems, reports, issues, operating system, IP address, etc. when you communicated with our support team.
  • The data we collect, keep and store for the benefit of our site, services and users with maintaining confidentiality.
  • Create a course for selling.
  • Social media details if users connect those with our platform etc.
  • When you attend any of our events.
  • Data collected from student’s comment, feedback, query and when they take support or do live chat from our site.
  • We use different tools for offering you the ability to opt out of data collection.

How do we use your information

We may use the information we collect from you in the following ways when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, freebies, respond to a survey or through marketing communication, surf or use the features of our website:

  • To provide you the content and product you want and have interest in by personalizing your experience.
  • To develop our website, services and features in order to better serve you.
  • To allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests.
  • To ask for ratings and reviews of services or products.
  • For the reason of administering our business activities.
  • Data collected from student’s comment, feedback, query and when they take support or do live chat from our site.
  • We may use your email address to send updates about course progress, send newsletters or, notices about new course-work availability, upgrades made on course curriculum, etc.

Your Rights Over Your Data

If you are a “user” or “account holder” or “buyer” of our site, we have your personal data, comments, feedbacks, tasks etc. stored in our database. So if you want, you can request our authority team to give you the file of your data or remove any information on your account that we hold.

Acceptable Use Of Our Website

You are our valued customer who wants to join with us for a better future. As we are concerned and respect your emotions and confidentiality, you also must not do the followings with our website.

  • Using our site for any illegal purposes.
  • Infringe the Copyrights.
  • Harassing or Personally attacking other users.
  • Unjustified communication and marketing of our services to take our customer outside of the ITICA’s marketplace.

Why we restrict your access?

  • You are responsible for your username and password of your account and shouldn’t share or disclose these to anyone else. If we find any unlawful access throughout your account, we have the full right to ban/ suspend/ restrict your user account with or without prior notice.

How do we protect/ secure your information?

  • We do not use vulnerability scanning and/or scanning to PCI standards.
  • We do not use Malware Scanning.
  • We do not use an SSL certificate.
  • We have a super fabulous security system against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal data that we collect and store.
  • Data Protection is also possible by keeping password secure and confidential to yourself.
  • In case, you find that someone else is using your account, just change your security code and also immediately contact our support team.
  • We have security verification tools to verify your identity to detect and remove fraud activities and access.

Kids Under 13

  • ITICA has academic and professional courses that are designed for all ages, including kids under the age of 13 who can access our courses for their skill up with the participation of a parent or legal guardian.
  • In the case of “kids”, who are under 13 or, still doesn’t have a personal email address or, payment account, they can use their parent’s or legal guardian’s email address or transaction details to create an ITICA account to learn the course.
  • ITICA have a policy of not to accept accounts or email address or discard the personal details of children under 13 without the prior consent of their parents/ guardians.

Cookies Policy

Now We are not using cookies for tracking purposes.

Which are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive that are used to store and track personal information. If in the future we use cookies for only limiting unauthorized activities, you can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser settings. Since every browser is different, look at your browser’s Help Menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. So, you can also turn the cookies off from our browser if you want.

Third-Party Disclosure

We strictly maintain the policy of not to sell, deal or transfer your personal information to third parties. Not even use contents, services, information from third-party site at our platform.

  • Third-party links: ITICA doesn’t use, include or promote third-party products, offers, or services on our website. We even do not allow advertising of others on our Website. We are using an embedded “YouTube” players to deliver videos that don’t display any behavioral promotions and playing related content outside of our syllabus.


Google Adword policy has clear policies of Google’s advertising requirements to provide a positive experience for users.

Now, We are not enabling Google Adsense on our website but we have the plan to establish google Adsense in the near future. Be with us to get information on that. Even we are not displaying third-party advertising and even not giving advertisements for our services on other websites.


According to the CAN-SPAM Act, there is a policy for email marketing, promotional activities and also users have the right to stop receiving commercial email, messages, promotional text from commercial websites like us.

  • We collect your email address in order to keep your track record, support you, give you our service updates, payment confirmation etc.
  • We are devoted to keeping your email details confidential and committed not to sell, rent or lease your data to third-party organizations.
  • To be in accordance with CAN-SPAM, we also agree with the following:
  • If you don’t want to receive any mail, messages or text from us, any time you can request our support team or contact at “” to unsubscribe you from all of our marketing lists.

Rights Of Intellectual Property

All of the intellectual property like content, patents, trademarks, copyrights, images, videos, etc. are the sole property of ITICA. So without any written or legal permission of ITICA, anyone has no authority to use any property of ITICA. So you are strictly forbidden to do the following:

  • Without any written agreement you can’t republish any materials from our site.
  • Share our content with third-party websites.
  • Resell our materials to others.
  • Copy or reproduce our materials.
  • Exploit our materials for some unlawful purposes.
  • Comments publicly by hearting or violating the company/other personal ethics. Etc.

Testing of ITICA Websites

We operate the testing version of our site and services for staging, internal testing and experiments. In this span of time, any information is no subject to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Policy Changes

  • We are holding the full right to change, amend or update the ITICA policy at any time, with or without notification.
  • Be with us and ITICA is committed to maintain the policies and keep the confidentiality of your personal data.
  • You are requested not to use our services and website if you do not consent to our privacy policy.


We would highly appreciate hearing any type of comment, feedback, suggestion or question about our products, services and quality. Please feel free to contact us to improve our service and every kind of support.


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