Study UK

Why Study in UK?

UK is the home of some of the world’s greatest cities and one of the most popular cultural hubs of Europe, there are plenty of reasons to study in the UK.

  • High quality education
  • Affordable fee’s structure
  • Multi-cultural environment
  • Incredible opportunities for scholarship
  • Bright Career Path and Future Opportunities(average student retention rate is 82%)
  • As per the QS World University Rankings 2020, four (4)of the UK universities within the globaltop 10.  

One of the most popular study destinations, the UK enjoys a proud tradition of education with universities rooting back to the 12thand 13thcenturies. Known for its language, history, culture and innovation, the UK has an. With a comprehensive support system in place for international students, studying in UK is definitely a life-changing experience.

Popular Courses to Study at the UK

International Business


Accounting & Finance


Computer Science

Information Technology

Sports Management


Top universities in the UK

If you are keen on the country, then you can be assured of pursuing education in the best ranked universities in the UK for international students. As per Global University Employability Ranking 2017, conducted by the Times Higher Education, the UK boasts of 10 universities out of the top 150 universities around the world ranked by the employers. 

Name of the University



1. University of Cambridge
2. University of Oxford
3. University of St Andrews
4. Imperial College London
5. Loughborough University
6. London School of Economics and Political Science
7. Durham University
8. Lancaster University
9. University College London
10.University of Warwick
11.University of Bath
12.University of Exeter

Cost of Studying in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK for international students entirely depends on a number of factors.Expenditure on tuition fee depends on the type of qualification and university or school you opt for. There are many high-ranking universities and colleges in the UK with their own fee structures. 

GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 per year

*Please note all fee figures are indicative

GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 per year

*Please note all fee figures are indicative

GBP 15,000 to GBP 24,000 per year

*Please note all fee figures are indicative

Scholarships at UK

Scholarship deadlines are usually many months prior to the start of the course. So, you need to apply for a course of study at the university before you could try for the scholarships.

To start your search, follow the below steps:

  • Search the course database for the subject you are interested in and save your results.
  • When you have shortlisted a few courses in your shortlist, check the profiles of selected universities to get more details.
  • Visit the university websites of your choice and search for scholarships for international students.

Consider these points when you start your search:

  • All UK scholarships are not offered based on financial need – most of them will evaluate your ability in academics.
  • You can apply for scholarships, when you are applying for the course at the university or after you have applied.

Scholarships Deadline

There are numerous scholarships available for students aiming to attend UK University, especially international students. However, many universities set a deadline for application quite early in the year as there would be hundreds of applicants and hence it is advisable to start early.

The UK universities are offering plenty of scholarship options for international students. An international student applying to above universities might be eligible for one of the following Scholarship schemes.

Award Type of Partner UK University Scholarships

  • Academic excellence awards
  • Access funding
  • Disabled students allowance
  • Further education funding
  • Hardship grants
  • British Chevening Scholarship
  • BUTEX International Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries
  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  • Santander Mobility Award
  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Rotary Scholarship
  • Castle Smart Scholarship
  • Scholarship for African students
  • Scholarship for Chinese students
  • Scholarship for Indian and Pakistani students
  • South Asia Merit Scholarship in Computational Engineering Sciences
  • South Asia Merit Scholarship in Leadership and Management
  • South Asia Merit Scholarship in Environment and Agrifood
  • South East Asia Merit Scholarship in Leadership and Management
  • Santander Scholarships Programme (Masters)
  • British Council IELTS Prize
  • Delta Foundation Chevening Scholarship Taiwan
  • High Achievement Scholarship
  • Access Scholarship
  • Care Leaver Bursary
  • Army Medical Services
  • Aviva Scholarship
  • International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Jarman Scholarship
  • Loyalty Discount for graduates
  • Medway Community Scholarships
  • Music Performance Scholarship
  • SMSAS NCUK Scholarships
  • Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Jordan Kuwait Bank Business Scholarships
  • India, Nigeria and Ghana development Fund
  • Academic Performance Scholarships
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate Journalism Bursary
  • International Travel Bursaries
  • International Bursaries
  • Articulation Scholarships
  • China Ambassador Scholarships
  • Chevening – UK Government Scholarships
  • British Council India Great Scholarships (External Scholarships)
  • Access Bursary
  • Sports Scholarships
  • International scholarships and financial help
  • International Merit Scholarships
  • School Awards for International Students

UK University Application Process: How it works?

Step- 1: Consultation with counsellor

Our expert counsellor will explain the complete process of UK university application and discuss your study and career goals.

Step- 2: Find a course in a suitable University

A counsellor will assess your academic background and suggest suitable universities where you will be able to secure offers.

Step- 3: Prepare your application

Your counsellor will review your personal statement, CV, reference letters and application forms before sending them to your chosen universities.

Step- 4: Receive offers from university

We will ensure you to receive conditional or unconditional offers after your UK university application process. We will guide you in making the right choice for a course as well.

Step- 5: Help with offer letter next steps

Your counsellor will help you with Next Steps to comply with University offers:

  • Provide documents to meet conditions of offer
  • Pay deposit and complete International Student Reply Form
  • Pre CAS and Maintenance checks
  • CAS issued

Step- 6: Secure Tier-4 student visa in the UK

We will guide you all the way with UK university application and to obtain the Tier 4 Student Visa to study in the UK and will assist you to gather all the documents to get the visa.

Step- 7: Travel to the University

## Continuous support

We offer endless support for a new student in UK. Our student services include Airport Pick Up, Accommodation arrangement, applying for Student Travel Card, opening UK Bank Account and many more.

If you require more information about UK university application, arrange a free consultation with one of our student advisers today through our UK University Application